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Shows & Community

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USCCC is a proud hub of both Chinese and English comedy in Beijing. Some shows are produced by USCCC; others by our fabulous community partners. Our audience is mostly Chinese, with some local waiguo friends.


Standup, known as Dankou xiju or Tuokouxiu “Talk Show”, is rapidly gaining in popularity in China.

USCCC All-Stars
USCCC standup comedians are from the Chinese underground scene and are writers for some of the most popular Chinese TV and Internet shows.

Starting in March 2017, DanLiRen comedy will be producing Chinese standup shows at USCCC.


Improv comedy, while largely unknown in China, has been growing strong as a social community that spans the country. USCCC is the main venue in Beijing for Improv in Chinese and English.

Free Wednesday Bilingual Improv Workshop!

Beijing Improv English Players (EN)
Beijing Improv, founded in 2006, is China’s oldest improv group. The English players perform monthly shows at USCCC.

Bilingual Improv Group BIG (CHN+EN)
Bilingual Improv Group (BIG) is a Beijing Improv troupe that performs mixed Chinese and English shows every month since 2009. USCCC is proud to host their one-of-a-kind shows!

Oh Yeah! Improv (CHN)
Oh Yeah! Improv is USCCC’s own house troupe, performing short form, long form and musical improv, and is proud to be one of the foremost Chinese improv troupes in the country.


The Ding Guangquan & Disciples Xiangsheng Show (CHN)
USCCC Founder Jesse Appell and his comedy master Ding Guangquan bring their circle of traditional crosstalk performers from around the world to USCCC for an international evening of comedy.


There’s nothing like a mime show to underscore the universality of comedy! USCCC hosts sporadic shows and workshops on mime for people of all languages.

Nadading Mime Troupe
Nadading, which means “Handstand” in English, is Beijing’s foremost mime theatre company, producing original shows that make people from all nations laugh in delight.

For updated info on all shows, please add our public WeChat account. You can also book tickets on the account as well.

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